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'''John Henry Newman''' Oratory of Saint Philip Neri|C.O. (21 February 1801 – 11 August 1890[ Barry, William. "John Henry Newman." The Catholic Encyclopedia. Vol. 10. New York: Robert Appleton Company, 1911. 31 Aug. 2014]), also referred to as '''Cardinal Newman''', '''John Henry Cardinal Newman''', and '''Blessed John Henry Newman''', was a Catholic cardinal and theologian who was a very important figure in the religious history of England in the 19th century. He was known nationally by the mid-1830s.Gilley, p. 201. Originally an evangelical Oxford University academic and priest in the Church of England, Newman then became drawn to the high-church tradition of Anglicanism. He became known as a leader of, and an able polemicist for, the Oxford Movement, an influential and controversial grouping of Anglicans who wished to...
Appointed12 May 1879
Term end11 August 1890
PredecessorTommaso Maria Martinelli
SuccessorFrancis Aidan Gasquet
Other postOxbridge Fellow|Fellow of Oriel College, Oxford|Oriel College, University of Oxford|Oxford; provost (religion)|Provost of the Birmingham Oratory
Ordination29 May 1825 (Anglican ministry#Priests|Church of England)
30 May 1847 (Priesthood (Catholic Church)|Catholic Church)
Cardinal12 May 1879
RankCardinal deacon
Created cardinal byPope Leo XIII
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